What are the AXR 800’s assets to thrive in hot and freezing conditions ?

A chain restaurant that packages soup in bulk needed assistance printing information on their labels, and ARMOR-IIMAK reselling partner was there to lend a helping hand.

The labels they were working with are applied on large bags that are filled with very hot soup. They are then stacked in a box and sent through a flash-freezing process.

The challenge

This process creates two challenges:

  1. While the bags are stacked with the hot soup, the heat can cause a transfer of the ink from the label to the back of the bag.
  2. The print needs to resist the flash-freeze process and maintain legibility.

The restaurant needed a versatile and smudge-resistant ink to print expiration dates, lot numbers and nutritional information clearly, and the ARMOR-IIMAK AXR 800 ribbon was up to the challenge.

With the label material in place, the natural choice is to use a wax/resin ribbon, but wax/resin can’t resist the heat and may have transfer onto the bags. So they needed a resin ribbon to sustain the heat and the flash freeze process, but most of the resin grades were not able to print the label material.

The solution

After testing another resin ribbon from the market, ARMOR-IIMAK AXR 800 ribbon proved to offer a perfect match to all criteria. None of the ink smeared on the labels applied to the bags when they were filled with the hot soup and the ribbon provided great resistance to the flash-freeze process as well.

This came as a relief to the company, who was now able to confidently produce their product without the fear of any important label information being compromised.

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