How to keep the engine production line running smoothly?


The car industry is very sensible and works with high technology in the production process. All the relevant information must resist during all the process and after the product leaves the production line. This company had a problem in resistance during the engine production that caused some interruptions in their line generating several losses. 

One of the largest car manufacturers in the world

One of the largest car manufacturer in the world and specially in Brazil, Fiat has an engine production plant that supplies all their car production. They have faced several losses due to poor resistance of the ribbon they were using. So we introduced our super resin SP 330. This product solved all the problems regarding resistance and line stops reducing losses. 

The challenge: Introduce a high quality/resistant Printed product labels exposed to several chemicals during the engine production

The customer was using a cheaper product in their production line in order to reduce costs but it became a bad decision when the production line stopped when a printed barcode label lost quality and the information couldn’t be read by the system. 

This generated several losses during the shut down time. 

The solution: Introduce the best-in-class resin ribbon 

ARMOR-IIMAK thermal transfer technology provides the perfect solution for this problem, offering the most durable print that will remain legible for the product’s entire life that is needed based on durability requirements. 

Our experts were 100% confident that our super resin ribbon range could provide a solution that would meet the demanding requirements & challenges of this companies’ labeling needs and resolve future issues. We introduced SP330 ribbon to the client and it covered 100% of their printing needs and eliminated all the stops based on printing failures. 

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