What makes AXR 7 + perfect for printing on appliance identification plates?


This Irish manufacturer of household appliances, notably mobile heaters, selected the inkanto AXR®7+ Thermal Transfer ribbon as it perfectly adapted for printing on appliance identification plates.

The challenge

The selection criteria for this super-premium resin ink for Flat Head printers were the print quality and resistance, which are both perfectly adapted for heater operating conditions. Identification data such as the serial number are printed in high resolution (up to 600 dpi) on synthetic labels and subsequently affixed to the metal surface of radiators which, by definition, reach high temperatures.

The solution

The AXR®7+ offers durable print resistance: from demanding production phases (use of solvents) and throughout the product life cycle (abrasion, dust, scratches, UV and heat).

For this application the AXR®7+ is used in combination with a 50 micron white polyester label and ZEBRA Z6M and DATAMAX H Class printers.

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