Why AXR 7+ should be used for medical pouch identification ?

blood plasma bag label

The AXR®7+ Thermal Transfer film meets a dual print requirement for this global market leader in the healthcare sector: the labelling of medical pouches containing glucose and the identification of packing boxes.

A very high level of print quality and resistance is required for such sensitive data. A number of difficulties associated with the manufacturing and packing process run the risk of the printed information becoming erased. The producer’s requirements are as follows:

  • A single ribbon to print two different labels: a synthetic label on the medical pouch and a coated paper label on the packaging.
  • A printing solution able to provide abrasion resistance due to the pouches rubbing against each other on the production belt, and which guarantees perfect legibility of the box label right up to delivery.
  • Good adhesion of the ink to the label without the ink becoming transferred to another pouch when they are piled up on the production belt.
  • High heat resistance in a humid environment.
  • Compliance with international regulations including those associated with food contact applications.

The solution

Tests performed in real-life conditions demonstrated that the inkanto AXR®7+ Resin ink meets all of these requirements.

ARMOR-IIMAK is also able to provide support to health industry companies with their Drug Master File (DMF) submissions to the FDA.

The heat-shrink step places great demands on the printed label as the heat may soften the ink which is then smudged on contact with the plastic film, or is transferred to the film, making the consumer and/or traceability information illegible. 

APX®FH+ was recommended  for multiple reasons: 

  • It is a premium wax/resin ribbon developed for demanding applications;
  • It offers durable printing that is resistant to both abrasion and heat;
  • It can print all types of messages in a very precise manner: logos, text, symbols and barcodes; 
  • It complies with international food contact standards: 1935/2004/EC and American FDA. 

The producer specifies that, thanks to this inkanto ribbon, its printed matter is highly resistant to the heat-shrink process, providing good print resolution and consistent quality.

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