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Selecting the right thermal transfer ribbon is imperative, and the difference between an unreliable and reliable printing technology solution is what stands between you and your well-organized streamlined processes.

Why Labeling in Your Warehouse Matters?

Logistic labels are essential to an efficient supply chain. Your barcodes must be high quality in order to be easily scanned to capture the data from the warehousing facility, all the way to the point of sale. If the barcode does not scan, it inefficiently affects productivity, forcing the operator to enter data manually.

Print formats can be simple with normal barcodes, or more complex, like a compliance label with rotated barcodes and heavy text.

Common thermal transfer applications that you may need include:

  • Shipping Labels
  • Inventory Control Labels
  • Shelf/Bin Tags
  • Compliance Labels
  • Work in Process WIP
  • Print-and-Apply Labels
  • On-Conforming Material
  • Warehouse Location Labels & more

How to Choose The Right Thermal Transfer Ribbon

You may be presented with many unique challenges when labels are needed within your warehouse. With a variety of label types, you may come across specific needs when it comes to:

  • Pallet & Case IDs for any physically wrapped product or parts
  • License Plate Numbers for cases, containers, and more
  • Property equipment labels such as forklifts and tools
  • Stacked Multi-Level Labels for special storage racking
  • And more

Streamlining your Logistics & Warehousing Labels

Several of these labels may need to be more durable than others, so how do you know what you may need? Some print formats can be simple with normal barcodes like Code 128. However, a vellum or coated paper label printed with a wax thermal transfer ribbon can provide you with an economic solution.

Compliance labels common in cross-dock applications are typically more demanding. That’s because these contain data-rich 2D barcodes (like Data Matrix) and normal barcodes with information about the inbound shipment, internal routing, and immediate outbound shipment. Another more demanding application is pallet labels which can be subjected to rough handling.

A synthetic label printed with a resin-enhanced wax or wax-resin thermal transfer can withstand abrasion and rubbing during the shipping process as trucks and containers are loaded.

Supporting You with Reliable Thermal Transfer Solutions

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